Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

July 25, 2012

Good thing they are cute

I have decided that the kids actually enjoy waking me up, think my pre caffeinated growls are funny, that my stumbles down the stairs are all for their enjoyment. They enjoy it so much that they are waiting less and less time to do it... (insert growl)

This is how Kaleb made this mornings really early wake up up to me... He 'made and served' Josh his breakfast while I did everything I could (short of injecting) to get caffeine into my foggy morning brain.

While I grumble about how early this whole was, I have to admit that watching Kaleb cook and season his brothers food, hearing him tell Josh to blow on it because it was hot and then when Josh was done watching Kaleb clear up the dishes, and then offer more... Well, early or not it was pretty cute.