Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

October 19, 2011

Hope given, Hope recieved!


Josh's teacher has been talking for a few weeks now about his great love of numbers and his ability to count, I have been in doubt until this morning when he started to count the apples on the tree he made last week. This is the video I took. This is my reason to today for a thankful heart. The process is slow but this gives me great hope for the future! 

My heart is thankful today because:

1) he can say number 1 - 9
2) he can say them in order
3) he can say Mummy
4) he can say I love you
5) he can say new words almost daily
6) he can say some two word combos
7) he can even say a few three word combos
8) he mostly asks for things with words now
9) he can tell me to stop it when I am teasing him
10) he's my son