Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

September 2, 2011

The Paradox

We have all heard the saying that when it rains it pours, and for a while now it's been raining. For the last two weeks every single member of our family has had a hospital visit, though our kids are certainly the ones to take the brunt of the suffering. The storm picked up speed on Wednesday when Kaleb was rushed to the ER limp and struggling with his breathing. He was vomiting and listless and thankfully I had a friend there with me to watch Josh while they worked to get Kaleb breathing well again. We were admitted to hospital and spent the night trying to find the right balance of Ventolin and Oxygen, thankfully his vomiting stopped once we got his breathing under control and he began to take more fluids and was able to keep them down. We were released on Thursday with puffers and instructions for follow up and what to do 'next time'.

Today, with Josh away and Kaleb not feeling great we decided to take it easy. We had to do some grocery shopping but other than that we were enjoying a quiet day with our youngest. Then I got a phone call from the secretary of the Head of Cardiovascular surgery at Sick Kids. They want him to come on Tuesday for pre-op and Thursday for the surgery, in fact they wanted him to come on Wednesday but Kaleb has a follow up on Wednesday that is really important so I had to change it.

The blessing in this is that there will be no terrible waiting, no wondering when, but as I said to Tim... It's so fast. My heart needs time, my brain needs time to mentally prepare. My body is exhausted both emotionally and physically from the week we have had, I want to scream and swear and hit something. I also want to throw my hands up and Thank God because this is obviously the best or it wouldn't be his plan. It's a paradox and I am too tired to wonder over it.

This is not a post to whine to you about the woes of this past few weeks, although I have started down that path I realize. Instead it is to let you know, to update you so to speak. Kaleb needs prayer as we struggle to figure out what is wrong with him and how to cope with his new medical issues. Josh needs prayer as we try to prepare him for what he is about to under go, and as he faces so many unknowns and finally Tim and I need your prayers as we struggle with fatigue on so many levels.