Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

September 28, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days that you go to bed and think, 'today was crazy, I am such an idiot?'. I had one yesterday, it seemed that my head was just not in the game yesterday at all. I got lost on the way to Josh's school, both times I went! I put the milk in the cupboard, burned apple crisp, left the keys in the front door, found a spot on my arm that I was sure looked like skin cancer, spent my afternoon looking up skin cancer and made a doctor's appointment to have it looked at, turned left onto a one way street going the other direction (in front of a cop, who thankfully smiled at me and shook his finger), came home, showed Tim my 'skin cancer' only to remember that I had burned my arm when taking the burned apple crisp out of the oven, hence the sudden appearance of a discolored 'mole', then I got so busy talking with Tim and his Mom on skype that I didn't notice Josh taking a sharpie to my couch, himself and then his brother. When bedtime finally came, I went to the washroom, happy to be facing the end of the insanity; I picked up my tooth brush and squirted soft soap on it rather than toothpaste, and then the door bell rang, it turns out that I had also left the interior light on in the car... at that point I went to bed and promised myself I wouldn't get up until morning!