Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

October 5, 2014

Time out

Sometimes life requires a breather... a day to just be; to enjoy each other and to get outside and be thankful for the little things...

Every year since the boys were tiny we made the trek to the apple farm to pick apples and take a tractor ride. This year is filling up quickly, our busy schedules this fall is overwhelming and our weekends are filling up so yesterday when Tim suggested we do our apple picking, despite feeling sick I grabbed the opportunity to get outside... I can't say I felt great, in fact today is Sunday and I am bailing on church in favour of my pj's and couch... but watching the boys jumping off hay-bales, picking fresh apples (and eating them at the same time) was worth it. The weeks to come will be busy with work, appointments and yes, not to worry, some fun too... having a chance to connect as a family was a reminder to me that no matter how I feel, no matter what 'things' fill our schedule; these guys come first.

Setting aside time to snuggle with them, to give them traditions that they can remember when they get older, and watch them laugh and play is one of those important joys of parenting that sometimes get overlooked; particularly when we aren't feeling our greatest.  It was Tim who suggested this, and I am so glad he did. So glad that he cares so much about our family time, and that he protects it the way he does.

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