Photographs by Laurie @ Horizons Photography

June 27, 2012

find the ant

As I write this Kaleb is playing outside in perfect little boy cuteness. He is wearing an army camouflage tank, oshkosh overall shorts and rubber boots that almost hit his knees and he's carrying his binoculars and seeking new treasures. How fun is he? He found ants, and sadly smooshed them, he found flowers, thankfully he didn't smoosh those, he found his dog, his brother and then his Mummy.

All this discovery got me to thinking about my confusion and murkiness surrounding things these days. While Kaleb is out there with binoculars seeking treasures, and new things, I am sitting here wondering where to look. Maybe I need to get some binoculars and pin point on an area and really seek something. In my case it's not as simple as finding an ant (and sparing it the smooshing), but maybe, rather that looking at the whole backyard seeking a tiny ant, I need to pull out the binoculars and zero in on an area that I know an ant will be hiding?

Just a thought.